Training Centre ♦ Bellevue Stables

Bellevue Stables is equipped with two indoor arenas, two outdoor riding rings, a large tack room, a clubhouse overlooking the main arena and a laundry room. We are able to offer our clients security and surveillance at all times, thanks to our employee who live in one of the two on-site apartments.

The boarding stable includes 34 stalls measuring 12 x 10 feet and two stalls measuring 12 x 20 feet. All stalls are lined with rubber mats and fully equipped with automatic drinking fountains. Each stall has its own window so your horse can put its head outside. The heating and ventilation systems in the aisles keep the stables at a comfortable temperature even on cold winter nights. Six grooming stalls are also available as well as two showers.

Arenas and training rings
Bellevue Stables has two indoor arenas. The main arena is heated and measures 165 x 120 feet, giving you plenty of space for training in the summer as well as in the winter. A new footing was installed in the main indoor arena. The smaller arena is primarily used for turnouts, whereas the main arena is mainly used for training. A field hunter course is also available.

Both outdoor riding rings are equipped with an excellent surface. During the summer, a field hunter course is set up in the Grand-Prix riding ring.

The clubhouse
Our spacious and comfortable clubhouse offers a very relaxing environment. As previously mentioned, it overlooks the main arena. It is fully furnished with leather seats and tables, a microwave and refrigerator. A conference table is also available.

Tack room
Boarders have a personal locker for their equipment. The tack room includes a washer and dryer, as well as a storage area so you can stow your seasonal equipment, rather than bringing it home.