Laurie Bucci ♦ About us

Laurie Bucci, Canadian Champion and trainer.

Birthplace: Lorraine, Quebec
Birth date: December 29, 1971

Laurie Bucci is an international rider at the Grand Prix level. She is one of the most decorated riders in Quebec history and has been a prominent figure on the Canadian equestrian scene since the early ’80s.  She is also the only Quebec rider to have won the Canadian Championship title in show jumping.

Trained by renowned riders such as Mario Deslauriers, Marcus Beerbaum and Ludger Beerbaum, she is now an accomplished trainer and competitor.

Laurie Bucci’s riding career began in 1979 at the Centre équestre Oudart in Blainville.

Following a successful career competing in riding and hunting, Laurie made her debut in show jumping. In 1989, she won the World Junior Final, then the Individual Gold Medal at the North American Young Riders’ Championship. Three years later, she won the Individual and Team Silver Medals at the North American Young Riders’ Championship in front of a home crowd in Bromont.

For more than 20 years now, Laurie Bucci has been competing in prestigious equestrian events in Canada, the United States and Europe. In 2006, she represented Canada at the CSIO5* La Baule, CS13* CSI3* Aselage Herzlake and CSI4* Hamburg.